Creativity.Cultivated by Listening.

My portfolio is a cross section of work that I have developed and delivered over the last 20 years. The worlds I invest my time in always includes some level of team work some more deep than others. They are examples from medical and tech: Intuit, GlobalLogic / Medtronic, Arthrocare, Omnicell, ShotSpotter, Enhanced Vision, Digital Health. Across countries, across languages across systems and processes to develop a successful platform, solution, message and story.

As a leader in business and marketing I inspire, challenge, question, direct and decide, moving easily between strategic and tactical. You will see white papers, products, analytics tools, digital marketing, print ads, events, communications and more. This is not cumulative in any way. It is only meant to drive interest in how I can help you.

Want to know what is my "super power"? It is about monetizing marketing and empowering others to do great work.